Friday, October 28, 2022

RAND Corp. Exposes Fake RAND Report

Over the years, Think Tank Watch has documented numerous incidents where people or entities have impersonated think tanks and think tank scholars.

Now, RAND Corporation has uncovered a fake RAND report that has been circulating online.

Here is more from RAND:

A supposedly leaked RAND report about a bizarre U.S. conspiracy to “weaken Germany” is fake.

Genuine RAND research, analysis, and commentary on the war in Ukraine may be found at this page.

Given the potential origins of this fake document, we encourage you to explore this resource on the “firehose of falsehood” approach to propaganda and RAND's extensive research on “Truth Decay,” a phenomenon driven in part by the spread of disinformation.


SOFREP has much more on the fake report, which was apparently published in Swedish newspaper Nya Dagbladet.  SOFREP says that Russian agents likely created the fake report.