Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#455)

  • Republican lawmaker calls on CIA director to address his strong ties to CCP while at helm of think tank.
  • Johns Hopkins, a school attended by many think tankers, has a long history with student-spies. 
  • Amazon's behind-the-scenes campaign against Canada's competition law reforms involves hardball tactics and spending on think tanks.
  • Sentinel Action Fund, the new Heritage-linked super PAC, will spend $3.5 million on TV ads and $1.5 million on voter outreach to bolster Arizona GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters.
  • Hal Harvey, CEO of the San Francisco-based think tank Energy Innovation, has written a new book, The Big Fix.
  • Gordon Hempton: "Quiet is a think tank of the soul."
  • Peter Kelley: "A think tank is an arrangement in which voluntary corporations, govt’s, or eccentric mega-rich give millions of dollars to support people who spend most of their time trying to get their names into print.”
  • Thread: Coldplay lyrics as think tank report titles. 
  • Pic: The death of the think tank meal is greatly exaggerated.
  • Pic: Only at a think tank could registration be this complicated.