Thursday, October 20, 2022

US Threatened to Charge Cato Institute & Mercatus Employees with Treason

Here is more from The Dispatch:

In March 2020, a maritime shipping advisory panel offered a simple suggestion to the government: Charge all past and current members of two libertarian think tanks [Cato Institute and Mercatus Center] with treason.

It is certainly not the first time a bunch of libertarians angered members of a bureaucratic panel. But this backlash stemmed from criticism of the Jones Act, a century‐​old law that imposes requirements for shipping between American ports.


Cato scholars Colin Grabow and Scott Lincicome have more details here, and call the situation "deeply troubling."

It also appears that the Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee's (MTSNAC) International Shipping Subcommittee wanted the US president to inform the Heritage Foundation that he will personally disavow them if they continue to advocate against the Jones Act.