Friday, November 4, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#457)

  • New Carnegie report: How we would know when China is preparing to invade Taiwan. 
  • New think tank launched by Michael Wear: The Center for Christianity and Public Life.
  • New launch: Asia Society France, to be chaired by Serge Dumont.
  • New launch: Brussels Institute for Geopolitics, co-founded by Luuk van Middelaar, Hans Kribbe, and Sebastien Lumet. 
  • Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried speaks at Bipartisan Policy Center.
  • Cryptocurrency think tank Coin Center filed a lawsuit challenging the US Treasury Department's sanctions against cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash.
  • David Laufman: Retired US military officials working for foreign governments must be careful about any nexus to the US; if they are promoting interests of their benefactors to...think tanks they may have an obligation to register under FARA.
  • Henry Rome, Eurasia Group's deputy head of research and a director covering macro politics and the Middle East, is now at senior fellow at WINEP covering Iran.
  • Zachary Karabell, president of River Twice Capital and the founder of the Progress Network at New America, was named the Eurasia Group Foundation's new board chair.
  • Lisa Curtis, senior fellow and director of the Indo-Pacific Security program at CNAS, has joined RadioFreeEurope/Radio Liberty's board of directors.