Friday, December 23, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#462)

  • Increasing number of Taiwanese and foreign think tanks signing MOUs to engage in collaborative research and policy dialogues. 
  • Chinese and Saudi think tanks join hands in petroleum studies.
  • A half dozen top climate programs are led by alumni of the World Resources Institute.  Why is that? 
  • Almost all of Ron DeSantis' new committee members have worked with the Brownstone Institute, a think tank founded in 2021 to oppose pandemic restrictions.
  • Yamini Aiyar: Why think tanks are critical to Indian policymaking.
  • Atlantic Council hosted a welcome dinner for the US-Africa Leaders Summit.
  • Brookings: Breaking silos between think tanks and youth groups for climate change in Africa.
  • Future Minerals Forum (FMF) enlists think tanks to champion innovation and develop thought leadership.
  • Michigan think tank gets 1st openly LGBTG+ chair.
  • UK's Institute for Government releases new report on diversity and inclusion in the think tank sector.