Friday, January 13, 2023

Think Tank Quickies (#463)

  • Think tank RUSI collaborated with Reuters and iStories to piece together the global supply trail of Russia's killer drones.
  • Think tanks are mass-reviewing content on Twitter. 
  • British defense think tank has revealed Russia's pre-invasion plan to Ukraine.
  • Daily Caller: CIA Director's former think tank introduced congressional staffers to experts who worked for Chinese spy fronts.
  • US intelligence warned for months that Russian hackers conduct "strategic espionage" against think tanks and other groups in 42 countries that back Ukraine.
  • New paper: What Do Think Tanks Think? Proximity to Power and Foreign Policy Preferences.
  • Flashback: In a 2017 study titled "Strategic Choices for a Turbulent World," RAND Corp. described a global tipping point: "The post-Cold War period is over."
  • Which think tanks are being open about their funders? 
  • Video: Paul Ryan on why legislators should work with think tanks to solve big picture issues.
  • Gov. Glenn Youngkin enlists conservative think tanks to rewrite history curricula.
  • Book Think Tanks by Paul Dickson was published in 1972 and has lots of history about RAND Corp., Hudson Institute, and lots of other think tanks.