Thursday, March 16, 2023

Think Tank Quickies (#468)

  • A number of helpful rules for attending Washington think tank events, via Politico.
  • The Daily Wire: Biden's FCC nominee works for a think tank funded by the telecom giants she was nominated to oversee.
  • New York Post: Left-wing think tank responsible for thousands of fake Russia stories.
  • Howard University opening research center for the DoD focusing on autonomous aircraft.
  • Hot think tank report from RAND Corp.: "Avoiding a Long War."
  • The role think tanks play in the US-Mexico relationship.
  • NYT piece quotes GMF's Bonnie Glaser praising Taiwanese diplomat Hsiao Bi-khim but neglects to disclose that Glaser's employer receives $100k - $999k per year from TECRO.
  • Is ECFR's "Atlas" the first think tank chatbot? 
  • E3G: "An independent climate change think tank with a global outlook."
  • Pic: The shifting narrative of global think tanks.
  • Video: Code Pink interrupts Brookings event.