Monday, April 3, 2023

Think Tank Quickies (#470)

  • Lack of disclosure on de facto lobbying at think tanks has triggered a bipartisan reaction, says Luke Goldstein in the American Prospect.
  • University of Southern California (USC) opens new campus in DC within a stone's throw of think tank row.
  • David Trulio will be president and CEO of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute.
  • Diplomatic Courier Global Affairs Media Network has named Lisa Gable chair of its World in 2050 think tank.
  • Stanford names 12 Tech Ethics and Policy Summer Fellows, some of which will work at Washington think tanks.
  • The Movement Advancement Project (MAP): "A think tank that supports LGBTQ rights."
  • CFA Institute Research Foundation: "An investment think tank."
  • The Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD): "An American Christian conservative think tank that promotes its views among mainline Protestant churches."
  • Can this Israeli think tank push a reform compromise.
  • Flashback to 2016 RAND report: A year-long war over Taiwan would reduce China's GDP by 25-35% and America's by 5-10%.