Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Think Tank Quickies (#471)

  • Recent hearing offers case study in how Emirati and Bahraini funding has become omnipresent at major foreign policy think tanks, and reveals the low standards for disclosures of potential conflicts of interest held by House committees and their witnesses.
  • Heritage Foundation hosting event on crime in DC, the home a hundreds of think tanks.
  • A think tank created by a Palantir co-founder is behind a slew of bills criminalizing homeless encampments. 
  • A Michigan-based think tank sued the state's teachers union for misusing pandemic relief funds - and won.
  • TikTok execs briefing British think tanks.
  • Palantir: "Guidance around ‘trustworthy AI’ produced by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is virtually indistinguishable from frameworks published by major consultancy firms and think-tank." 
  • President Biden's National Cybersecurity Strategy launched at CSIS.
  • 120 top Russian think tanks publishing in Russian, and 25 in English. 
  • New Glenn Diesen book: "The Think Tank Racket."
  • Pic: Writing a think tank piece vs. publishing a think tank piece.