Wednesday, May 3, 2023

ChatGPT Explains What a Think Tank Is To a 3-Year-Old

Think Tank Watch asked ChatGPT to explain what a think tank is to a three-year-old.  Here is what it came up with:

Okay, imagine you have a big box of toys that you like to play with. Now, imagine if you and your friends had a special place where you could go to think about new games to play with your toys. That special place is called a think tank!

In the think tank, grown-ups get together to think about big ideas and try to come up with ways to make things better. They might talk about things like how to make schools better, how to make people healthier, or how to make the environment cleaner.

Just like how you and your friends use your imaginations to come up with new games to play, the people in a think tank use their imaginations and ideas to come up with new ways to help the world.

While ChatGPT thought a 3-year-old working at a think tank was way too young, it did suggest a hypothetical think tank that could be designed for them: "Playtime and Learning Ideas Group," a think tank focused on finding fun ways for children to learn and play.