Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Think Tank Quickies (#481)

  • Sarah Gilbert will become president and chief content officer of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.  She suceeds Ivo Daalder, who will now become the think tank's CEO. 
  • Former CFR president Richard Haass, who just stepped down from the think tank, says the biggest threat to the world right now is America.
  • Former DNI John Ratcliffe joins the Heritage Foundation as a visiting fellow for national security, cybersecurity and intelligence.
  • AEI: A guide to think tank effectiveness.
  • The Jamestown Foundation: Russian think tanks enable the Kremlin's dangerous delusions.
  • Energy Innovation: "An energy and climate policy think tank."
  • Victoria Coates will be vice president of the Heritage Foundation Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy.  She was previously a in the NSC in the Trump Administration and is a Ted Cruz (R-TX) alum.
  • Yorktown Institute: "A think tank dedicating to securing American liberty, prosperity, and self-governance under the US Constitution."
  • New think tank: Western Massachusetts Policy Center.
  • Thinkboi: A slang term for wannabe experts, often without much expertise to speak of.