Tuesday, August 1, 2023

New Economic Think Tank Launched by Trump Alum

Here is more from Politico:

Former Trump budget aide Paul Winfree is launching his own economic think tank, just as Republicans gear up for a government funding fight this fall.

— The right-leaning organization, called the Economic Policy Innovation Center, or EPIC, will focus on the country’s long-term fiscal picture, advising GOP presidential candidates and educating members of Congress about basic fiscal issues and Republican priorities, with an emphasis on the federal budget and annual spending bills.

— Winfree, who has overseen economic policy at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said GOP presidential campaigns and newish Republican members have so far been eager to learn about curbing federal spending and major upcoming fiscal fights, like the expiration of Trump tax cuts and another debt ceiling deadline in 2025.


Winfree was a Distinguished Fellow in Economic Policy and Public Leadership at Heritage, and his past think tank writing can be found here

EPIC's new website can be found here.  It currently lists Winfree as President and CEO and Brittany Madni as Executive Vice President.