Thursday, August 3, 2023

Think Tank Quickies (#482)

  • In every iteration of war games between the US and China run by CSIS, China's first strike on US soil has been to bomb Guam. 
  • Former Hudson Institute president and CEO Kenneth Weinstein will be the next Japan Chair at the think tank.  Previous Japan Chair H.R. McMaster will now chair the initiative's newly established advisory board.
  • Jenna Ben-Yehuda will be EVP of the Atlantic Council.  She previously was president and CEO of the Truman Center for National Policy and Truman National Security Project.
  • The American Prospect: A climate denialist think tank may produce the next FTC commissioner.
  • Tod Sedgwick, former US ambassador to Slovakia, is joining Foreign Policy for America as chair of its board of directors.
  • Survey of Chinese espionage in the US since 2000, via CSIS.
  • One of Neal Patel's clients at his new firm, Patel Partners, is the think tank Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy.
  • Conservative Israeli think tank uses "sock puppets" to skew Wikipedia.
  • North Korean defector Yeonmi Park was hired by Freedom Factory, a libertarian think tank in Seoul, South Korean; she has also been connected to Atlas Network.
  • Harvard Undergraduate Japan Policy Network (HUJPN): A student-led think tank founded at Harvard specialized in Japan's policy issues and promoting an accurate picture of Japan through multilateral dialogues.