Friday, August 11, 2023

Think Tank Quickies (#483)

  • PIIE president: The Chinese economy is in worse long-term shape than is widely understood.
  • Politico: "Three decades after the Cold War ended, RAND Corp. and the broader network of government agencies, national laboratories, research universities and think tanks are struggling to meet the demands of a new - and many contend, far more dangerous - chapter in the global nuclear standoff." 
  • Overton looks at which think tanks are cited most in the US.
  • The Japan Forum for Strategic Studies, a private-sector think tank in Tokyo, conducted a tabletop simulation premised on the Chinese military invading Taiwan in 2027.
  • A confidential invite list from an Aspen Institute dinner in 2017 reveals how wealthy business donors and lawyers got privileged access to Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan and then-DC Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh at a mansion dubbed "Billionaire Mountain."
  • Cato Institute launches - an interactive online platforms to allow Americans to experience the difficulties of obtaining legal permanent residence in the US from an immigrant's perspective.
  • Jonathan Breckon: How can researchers increase their chances of affecting change through policy?
  • Japan Center for Economic Research: "A Nikkei-affiliated think tank."
  • UK think tanks urged to be transparent about funding a $1 million in US donations revealed.
  • Unlock Democracy: Think tanks must be more transparent.