Monday, August 21, 2023

Think Tank Quickies (#484)

  • US spy agencies to share more intelligence with think tanks to battle new threats?
  • Group of think tanks have a new cost-effective way to speed up the closure of the world's coal-fired power plants?
  • Brookings: A government shutdown is likely this fall.
  • Nonprofits are lobbying a lot less
  • Think tanks file suit to block Biden Administration's plan to cancel $39 billion in student loans.
  • Dan Ikenson, formerly of the Cato Institute, lands at the Asia Society Policy Institute. 
  • Which think tanks publish the most on the topic of US foreign policy?
  • Who has been more relevant in our understanding of the war in Ukraine: universities or think tanks?
  • Wall Street billionaire ends funding for think tank behind Netanyahu's judicial overhaul plan.
  • Pic: 125 high school students visit Brookings and play