Friday, March 1, 2024

Think Tank Quickies (#491)

  • President Biden pays particular attention to - and has consulted with - former Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass.
  • How Jake Sullivan launched "Bidenism" at Brookings. 
  • Climate scientist Michael Mann wins million-dollar verdict against right-wing bloggers connected to CEI.
  • Republican lawmakers are requesting the DOJ to open an investigation into the International Crisis Group to determine if it acted as an unregistered agent for the government of Iran.
  • Japan's endeavors to connect to Donald Trump have included outreach by Japanese diplomats with think tanks.
  • What the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies' wargame revealed about a key USAF concept.
  • Williams Institute: "A UCLA Law think tank focused on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy."
  • Last month, former CFR head Richard Haass approached top Biden Administration officials with an "audacious" plan for changing politics around the Israel-Hamas war: Distance Biden from Netanyahu by making his case directly to the Israeli people.
  • The Carter Center has registered to lobby.
  • Narrative Strategies says it's the "only think-and-do tank currently postured to deliver both operationalized narrative services and training at the most elite level."