Monday, March 25, 2024

Think Tank Quickies (#493)

  • Self-described independent think tank Caspian Policy Center quietly backs Central Asian governments, in particular Azerbaijan. 
  • Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) described by NYT as a "nerve center for the right wing."
  • France's DGRIS international relations directorate audited as it revamps think tank.
  • "The Centre for Policy Research (CPR), a think tank in Delhi, drafted many of the policies that have made India a laboratory of anti-poverty schemes.  Since coming into power in 2014, Narendra Modi's administration has shut down thousands of [NGOs].  CPR, which produced over 600 articles in 2022-2023, has laid off all but a handful of its 200 researchers and may not survive."
  • The group American Commitment: "Designed to fill the capabilities gap between think tanks engaged in pure public policy work and grassroots organizations engaged in mobilizing citizen activists."
  • Artomatic will take over the former Urban Institute headquarters in Washington, DC.
  • Centennial Institute: "Colorado Christian University's think tank, mobilizing ideas on faith, family, and freedom to strengthen America's future."
  • Institute for Progress (IFP): "A think tank for accelerating scientific, technological, and industrial progress." 
  • Is China outpacing the US defense industrial base?  (via CSIS)
  • Flashback: Is the Asia Foundation a front for the CIA?