Monday, June 24, 2024

Think Tank Quickies (#499)

  • New report from ETZ Zurich's Center for Security Studies: China is targeting the US with hacking contests.
  • The Chinese Embassy in Washington dispatches officials to almost all of the key DC think tank seminars that cover foreign affairs these days.
  • The Heritage Foundation celebrated its newly-renovated Barb Van Andel-Gaby building with a ribbon-cutting.  The think tank now has office space for 400+ employees.
  • Why Chinese think tanks' reports will only escalate South China Sea tensions.
  • Tony Jonson, currently special assistance and intelligence adviser to the deputy secretary of Defense, will be president and CEO of The Truman National Security Project and Truman Center.
  • Africa Center for Strategic Studies: "A think tank funded by America's defense department."
  • New Argentine President Javier Milei served as a financial analyst for think tanks, banks, and private companies. 
  • ECFR: Imagining 6 Trump 2.0 scenarios.
  • Flashback: The issue attention cycle was described in 1972 by Brookings economist Anthony Downs.  The 5 phases of the cycle mark the rise, peak, and decline in public salience of major environmental (and other) problems.
  • David Boaz, senior fellow and EVP of Cato Institute, dies.