Monday, July 8, 2024

Heritage Foundation May Try to Use Litigation to Keep Biden as Democatic Nominee

President Joe Biden's biggest ally as he tries to remain the Democratic presidential nominee after an abysmal debate performance may surprisingly be the Heritage Foundation.

Here is more from NOTUS:

President Joe Biden’s Democratic allies could get a boost to keep him on the ticket from some unlikely partners: Republicans.

Led by conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, Republicans are currently looking to guarantee that Biden will be the Democratic nominee — and to make it so that, if Biden withdraws, it won’t be easy to replace him on ballots.

About four months ago, after special counsel Robert Hur’s report raised more concerns about Biden’s health, staffers at Heritage’s Oversight Project started researching laws in states across the country for replacing a nominee. They laid out just how difficult it would be for Democrats to replace Biden in key swing states in a memo that was compiled in early April and released last week ahead of the debate.

“If the Biden family decides that President Biden will not run for re-election, the mechanisms for replacing him on ballots vary by state,” reads the memo. “There is the potential for pre-election litigation in some states that would make the process difficult and perhaps unsuccessful.”

The upshot was that replacing Biden on the ticket would be “extraordinarily difficult” and that “we would make it extraordinarily difficult,” Oversight Project Executive Director Mike Howell, who authored the memo, told NOTUS this week.

With Biden’s odds of winning looking longer by the minute, organizations like Heritage are pledging litigation to make replacing Biden close to impossible. They suggested they — or their allies — would challenge efforts to replace Biden on the ballot, which would already be difficult given the timing.


Mr. Howell previously served as the Heritage Foundation's liaison to the Trump Administration.

In other Heritage Foundation news, former President Donald Trump has been distancing himself from the think tank's Project 2025 plan.

And Heritage President Kevin Roberts has been making waves with his comment about an ongoing second American revolution that will "remain bloodless if the left allows it to be."