Monday, December 16, 2013

CAP Reveals Business Donors

The liberal think tank Center for American Progress has unveiled a list of its corporate donors for 2013.  Huffington Post was the first to publish the most recent list.  [A list from CAP can also be found here.]

Earlier in the year Ken Silverstein published details in The Nation about CAP's corporate donors.

Here is more from Huffington Post:
In May, The Nation magazine published details about CAP's corporate backing. CAP officials argued to The Nation then that a list of corporate donors included inaccuracies, an argument those officials also made to HuffPost, which obtained a similar internal list of corporate backers. CAP would not explain how the list was inaccurate or what an accurate list looked like. In March, HuffPost disclosed the extent of CAP's foundation funding, but did not obtain a full list of philanthropic donors.
Pressure on the group to release its corporate donor list became too great, leading to Friday's disclosure -- just days after it was reported that CAP founder John Podesta was moving to the White House. A CAP spokesperson said that the group's board voted in October to begin disclosing corporate donors this year and to start naming individual and foundation donors next year.
The list provided by the CAP official does not include several companies that appeared on an earlier list. Such firms appear to have been targets for potential donations that were not reeled in. The companies gave a minimum of $10,000 each for a total of roughly 6 percent of CAP's $40 million budget.
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