Sunday, March 2, 2014

Think Tanks Weigh in on Ukraine Crisis (Updated)

Here is a compilation of what various think tanks are saying about the Ukraine crisis:
  • Steven Pifer of Brookings: Ukraine's Perpetual East-West Balancing Act; and A Tour of the Biggest Stumbling Blocks Ahead.
  • Robert McMahon of CFR: Issue Guide - Crisis in Ukraine's Crimea.
  • Charles Kupchan and Whitney Shepardson of CFR: Ukraine's Road Ahead - Three Things to Know; Richard Haass of CFR: How to Respond to Ukraine's Crisis?
  • Bernard Gwertzman of CFR: Ukraine's New Era of Uncertainty.
  • Heather Conley of CSIS: The "Consequences" for Ukraine and the Transatlantic Partnership.
  • Andrew Kuchins and Jeffrey Mankoff of CSIS: Ukraine's February Revolution - What Next?; and US Credibility at Stake in Ukraine.
  • Leon Aron of AEI: How to Understand Putin's Ukraine Strategy; video with Leon Aron: Ukraine's Revolution - Toward Russia or the West?
  • Andrei Illarionov of Cato: Russia's Involvement with Ukraine.
  • Matthew Rojansky of Wilson Center: Ukraine's Oligarchs Need to Step Up; Ukraine Must Reject Roots of Violence (Rojansky and Mattison Brady).
  • Peter Brookes of the Heritage Foundation: Ukraine and Russia - Here's the Real Story. 
  • Anatol Lieven of New America Foundation (NAF): Why Obama Shouldn't Fall for Putin's Ukrainian Folly. 
  • David Satter of Hudson Institute: Ukraine's Revolutionary Lessons for Russia; Christopher Sands of Hudson: Domestic Politics and Ukraine.
  • Ian Brzezinski of Atlantic Council: Four Steps NATO can Take to Support Ukraine; Jason Healey of ACUS: How to Beat a Russian Cyber Assault on Ukraine. 
  • Richard Fontaine of Center for a New American Security (CNAS): US Should Resist, Reinforce and Reassure in Face of Ukraine crisis; and Julie Smith of CNAS: Transatlantic Unity Crucial But Thin on Ukraine; and Elbridge Colby of CNAS: The Return of History in Eastern Europe.
  • F. Stephen Larrabee on RAND Corporation: How the West Can Help End Violence in Ukraine.
  • Carter Page of Center for National Policy (CNP): There Will be Costs - Applying US Intervention Principles from Ukraine to North America; and Vaira Paegle of CNP: Ukraine - The Litmus Test of Russia's Neighborhood Policy and the West's Political Will.
  • Comprehensive analysis on Ukraine from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP).

Interesting fact: Ukraine has 47 think tanks and Russia has 122 think tanks, according to the most recent University of Pennsylvania think tank rankings.

Here is an interesting piece on defense-oriented think tanks in Ukraine.

Also, Find Policy now offers a search page focusing on Russian think tanks.