Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Heritage Launches New News Site Called Daily Signal

Think tank journalism is hot.  Today the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation is launching a news website called Daily Signal in part to highlight unreported or under-reported stories.

Here are some more details from Washington Post:
The Signal will have a small staff — 12 journalists to start — and a relatively small budget of $1 million a year. The site does not accept advertising.
The Signal’s precursor — a Heritage blog called the Foundry - will disappear with the advent of the Daily Signal, but its following — some 2.6 million unique visitors last month — are likely to gravitate to its replacement.
Most of the staff is drawn from news organizations with conservative leanings.  So far, the Signal’s news agenda doesn’t stray very far from Heritage’s policy agenda.

Here is more from the Heritage Foundation.  Here is what The Wall Street Journal has to say about the new site.  Here is what Poynter has to say.  Here is what The Nation had to say.

And here is the new Daily Signal site.