Monday, June 9, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#126)

  • Asia think tanks aim to make mark in easing regional tensions.
  • UK think tanks and economic freedom.
  • Could a think tank start a war? (via ECFR).
  • Jeremy Shapiro of Brookings on what happens when think tankers meet government officials.
  •  India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi: "Sadly, role of think tanks has not increased to provide critical inputs to policy making."  Here is more Modi on think tanks.
  • New African study on links between think tanks and universities.
  • China's top science think tank (Chinese Academy of Sciences) has 743 members.
  • What is the one very strange feature in Washington's meandering think tank geography?  They try to reinvent maps of the world.
  • Dr. Charles Mensa: More think tanks needed in Ghana.
  • Brookings announces new trustees - largely from banks.