Monday, July 21, 2014

Think Tank Pic of the Day: Snacks at Third Way

Last week Think Tank Watch started a new series called "Think Tank Pic of the Day" in which we highlight the best think tank-related photo of the day.

Today's winner is Michelle Diggles, a Senior Political Analyst for the Social Policy & Politics Program at Third Way.  Here is her picture of "pre-5pm snacks" and "post-5pm snacks" that the think tank provides.

Think Tank Watch hopes that stash is locked away safely so that the mysterious Panel Crasher doesn't get his grubby hands on it...

The Hill newspaper recently wrote a piece that mentions another cool characteristic of Third Way - office paint that allows staffers to write with markers on the wall.

Are you ready to start working at Third Way?  Check out the current career opportunities here.

The previous winner of Think Tank Pic of the Day was Richard Fawal of Brookings, for his shot of the ominous sky over think tank row.

Third Way, founded in 2005 by former staffers in the Clinton Administration, was selected last year as Prospect Magazine's best think tank in North America.

Update: In related Third Way news, the think tank was mentioned several times in a CQ Weekly Article from July 21 titled "Finding a Middle Without Moderates," saying that Third Way has "pushed for more compromise on Capitol Hill, only to see increasingly less of it."

It also notes that Democratic fundraiser Nancy Jacobson helped found Third Day, and that the center-left think tank aims to move the Democratic Party to the middle of the political spectrum.