Monday, July 21, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#131)

  • What if the Brady Bunch had started a hawkish think tank?  Welcome to the Cheney think tank?
  • Art Pope has directed millions into creating a think tank that has blasted UNC as being wasteful.
  • Is the corruption of peer reviewing harming think tank credibility?
  • Cato's Alan Reynolds calls Thomas Piketty's wealth data worthless.
  • Jim DeMint pays off for Heritage and Heritage pays off for Jim DeMint, via Daily Kos.
  • Jeff Knezovich covering this year's Prospect Magazine Think Tank Awards.
  • US think tanks want US grand reception for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
  • Prof. Sven Biscop: Are think tankers academics?
  • US Mission to NATO invites think tanks to submit grant proposals on NATO's future.
  • The Hill profiles Third Way's Mieke Eoyang, director of the think tank's national security program; calls Third Way "center-left"; says think tank has paint that allows staffers to write with markers on the wall.