Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Think Tank Head Ousted for Sexual Misconduct

John Goodman, President and CEO of the Dallas, Texas-based National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), was ousted from his position at the conservative think tank for "sexual misconduct and breach of fiduciary duty," according to new details that have emerged.

Goodman was ousted in June from NCPA, the think tank he founded 31 years ago, and at that time it was unclear exactly why he was let go from what some consider to be Dallas's most prominent conservative think tank. 

Recent news reports indicate that the Board of Directors of NCPA has shrunken from more than a dozen directors to five, with the organization's future "uncertain."

Here are more details from The Raw Story:
“According to documents, emails, and interviews with multiple sources familiar with the situation,” wrote D‘s Glenn Hunter, “Goodman’s firing stemmed from an extraordinary arrangement that was made with an NCPA employee named Sherri Collins, after Collins accused Goodman of assaulting her in a Southern California hotel room in 2012.”
Goodman reportedly promoted Collins from an assistant’s position to director of the firm’s human relations division. She was awarded a salary of $85,000 per year, a guaranteed bonus check each year for at least three years and other benefits, all in an effort by Goodman to stave off legal punishment.
When an employee complained about treatment they’d gotten from Collins, the arrangement was brought to the attention of NCPA’s directors, who felt that the assault in California and Goodman’s handling of it seriously called into question his professionalism.

Here is the NCPA website.  Indeed, it currently lists only five members of the Board of Directors.  The separate Emeritus Board of Directors also has five members.

Here is a piece that Goodman wrote in 2005 titled "What Is A Think Tank."

NCPA is headquartered in Dallas and it also has a Washington, DC office.