Thursday, September 4, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#141)

  • Former Sen. Richard Lugar has a serious "me-wall" at his new think tank headquarters.
  • James Carafano of Heritage: "My goal is not to work at the most influential think tank in town.  My goal is to live in the most successful, free, safe, and prosperous country on the planet."
  • Would Hillary Clinton choose CNAS CEO Michele Flournoy as her Secretary of Defense?
  • Are rank-and-file think tank staffers treated as poorly as adjunct professors?
  • Think tanks should not be afraid to borrow money, via On Think Tanks. 
  • Think tank to ponder a future for ballet.
  • Arizona State University (ASU) teams up with New America Foundation (NAF) on Future of War project.
  • Think tank softball league quarterfinals taking place.
  • Radio discussion: "The Future of American Think Tanks" - with Robert Samuelson (WPost), Ken Silverstein (First Look Media), James McGann (UPenn), and Carol Platt Liebau (Yankee Inst.)
  • Conservative think tank boycotts Labor Day by working on Monday.