Monday, February 23, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#163)

  • CNAS launches new project on implications of a drone-filled world.
  • Cynthia Wagner of AAI Foresight notes that futurist think tanks featured prominently in latest UPenn think tank report.
  • Heritage Foundation urges Britain to leave EU.
  • Hewlett Foundation: Think tanks need core support.
  • President of Liberia addresses USIP on Feb. 26 to discuss Ebola.
  • What happens when a think tank away day last longer than 24 hours, by Richard Darlington.
  • Jack Straw joins "facade" Kazak think tank?
  • YouTube video: Think tanks and why they matter.
  • Chief economist at Heritage can't find a single fact to prove ObamaCare is failing?
  • AEI Resident Scholar Leon Aron confirmed as member of Broadcasting Board of Governors; former Director of Michigan Department of Human Services joins AEI.
  • CAP and AEI host discussion on demographics and democracy; CAP hosts former Defense Secretary William Cohen; Sen. Bob Casey unveils new CAP analysis on income inequality.