Friday, February 20, 2015

CAP's New BFF: Koch Industries!?

Strange bedfellows are afoot in Washington, as one of the world's top liberal think tanks has just joined forces with its archenemy.  Here in more from the New York Times:
Usually bitter adversaries, Koch Industries and the Center for American Progress (CAP) have found at least one thing they can agree on: The nation’s criminal justice system is broken.
Koch Industries, the conglomerate owned by the conservative Koch brothers, and the center, a Washington-based liberal issues group, are coming together to back a new organization called the Coalition for Public Safety. The coalition plans a multimillion-dollar campaign on behalf of emerging proposals to reduce prison populations, overhaul sentencing, reduce recidivism and take on similar initiatives.

Officials at CAP  reportedly spent a considerable amount of time debating the pros and cons of this new partnership.

After all, CAP has labeled the Koch network as being anti-environment, accused them of trying to influence state supreme court races, and bashed them for donating to Heritage Action (CAP's major enemy), among other things.

The Koch brothers have been prolific donors to think tanks, mainly of the libertarian and conservative persuasion.

Here is a press release about the new partnership.