Thursday, December 17, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#202)

  • Justin Sandefur of CGD: "Biggest lesson so far in think tank land: The returns to being opinionated & sounding authoritative are disturbingly high."
  • Creator of new ranking of influential think tanks working to fix flaws in ranking.
  • Libertarian Niskanen Center started new Center for Climate Science to scrutinize deniers' arguments.
  • Wonky holiday gear from Brookings.
  • Book: Think tanks and the Economic Counter-revolution, 1931-83.
  • Tim Carney: Liberals at liberal think tank thinks liberal think tank should only work with other liberal think tanks.
  • Public Accountability Initiative: Oil tanks - oil industry ties behind think tanks' push to repeal the crude oil export ban.
  • Influence of think tanks on the TTIP debate (in Dutch).
  • UK's Independent: Lord Lawson's climate think tank under review after adviser offers to write paper for sham oil company.
  • Can think tanks use Google's best practices for fostering creativity and innovation?
  • New think tank to research freelancing (Centre for Research on Self-Employment, or CRSE).
  • The Economist: Thoughtful centrists have begun urging Democrats to prepare for divided government, notably at a recent meeting at Third Way.
  • Ted Cruz rating near-perfect on Heritage Action scorecard.
  • Washington Post: American academics, particularly those who need access to China to conduct research, have to watch their words, because if China disapproves of their views it will not let them in.
  • Brookings scholar J.M. Berger suggests other think tankers underestimated Islamic State (ISIS), but he did not.
  • Nikkei runs one of Japan's major think tanks, the Japan Center for Economic Research. 
  • In conjunction with the Open Technology Institute at New America Foundation, Travis Moore launches new technology fellowship known as "TechCongress." 
  • Several think tankers on the WSJ's CEO Council "participating guest" list for 2015, including Martin Baily (Brookings), Doris Meissner (Migration Policy Institute), Danielle Pletka (AEI), Strobe Talbott (Brookings), Neera Tanden (CAP), and John Podesta (CAP founder).