Thursday, December 17, 2015

Will Snapping be the New Clapping at Think Tanks in 2016?

This from the New York Times:
In a culture ruled by the instant feedback loop of retweets, likes and hearts, the snap (and by “snap” we mean the old-fashioned act of brushing the thumb and middle finger against one another in an effort to make a popping sound) is more often being used as a quiet signal of agreement or appreciation in conferences, university auditoriums, poetry slams and even at dinner tables.
 As opposed to a single snap, often affected with the sassy wag of a hand and the utterance, “Oh, snap!” to signify that someone has just been stung by a verbal zinger, snapping repeatedly for a sustained several seconds is a way for audience members and classroom denizens to express approval without completely disrupting a lecture, speech or performance.

Think Tank Watch is happy to report that in the conservative, stuffy, and button-down atmosphere of Washington, snapping is not being used at most think tanks.

But should any snapping take place, please report to Think Tank Watch immediately.