Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#216)

  • CAP says climate skeptics in Congress have grown from 169 last year to at least 180 now.
  • PIIE experts forecast slow, steady growth in 2016-2017; fears for world economy overblown.
  • AEI President Arthur Brooks guest hosts Squawk Box on CNBC.
  • Model Diplomacy, a new free simulation by CFR, to educate students on global affairs.
  • Bertrand Badre (World Bank) and Rory MacFarquhar (National Security Council under Obama) join PIIE as 2016 Visiting Fellows.
  • CSIS establishes Zbigniew Brzezinski Prize and Lecture; issues open letter on defense reform.
  • World Resources Institute: Since start of 21st century, 21 countries, including US, have fully decoupled their economic growth from carbon emissions. 
  • New America co-founder Michael Lind debates Jack Abramoff on corporate subsidies.
  • New paper released by think tank Third Way, and penned by investment banker Daniel Alpert, says build more roads. 
  • Carla Koppell, formerly of USAID, named VP of Center for Applied Conflict Transformation at USIP.