Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Number of Books on Think Tanks to be Released in 2016

Think Tank Watch has learned that a number of books on think tanks will be released in 2016 and 2017.  Among those books include:

  • Think Tanks, Foreign Policy, and Geopolitics: Pathways to Influence (by Donald Abelson and Xin Hua)
  • Northern Lights: Exploring Canada's Think Tank Landscape (Donald Abelson)
  • The Fifth Estate: Think Tanks, Public Policy, and Governance (by James McGann)
  • The Politics of Think Tanks in Europe (by Jesper Dahl Kelstrup)
  • The Rise of Think Tanks in China (by Xufeng Zhu)
  • The Power of Ideas: The Rising Influence of Thinkers and Think Tanks in China (by Cheng Li)

The most recent book on think tanks to hit the market is one written by Jason Stahl entitled "Right Moves: The Conservative Think Tank in American Political Culture Since 1945."  A recent review of that book, written in the Wall Street Journal, can be found here.