Thursday, May 26, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#221)

  • Journalist brawl erupts at Correspondents Dinner after-party at USIP.
  • Guardian cites "top independent think tank" on anti-Brexit claims...funded by European Commission.
  • Head of conservative think tank American Action Forum: Trump could make US "North Korea of economics."
  • How tobacco companies use strategic alliances with think tanks.
  • Chinese ambitions in South China Sea must be resisted, says Lowy Institute.
  • $5 million going to Koch-backed think tanks in Arizona universities.
  • William Reinsch, former head of NFTC, joins Stimson Center as Distinguished Fellow.
  • Mary Speiser, a former intelligence analyst with the CIA, joins Stimson Board of Directors; in February Kris Balderston (FleishmanHillard) and John Parachini (RAND) joined the Board.
  • Right-leaning DC think tank Independent Women's Forum (IWF) proposes 401(k)-type investment plan to use for parental leave.