Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#258)

  • Think tank International Assessment and Strategy Center (IASC) cuts ties with oppo researcher behind Trump Russia dossier.
  • How to deal with Trump - from a Chinese think tanks. 
  • Michael Pillsbury: Think tanks in Beijing haven't yet been able to figure out Trump's China policy.
  • Nick Pearce on BBC Daily politics on the role of the think tank.
  • How influential are corporations in Spanish think tanks?
  • Founder of French think tank Terra Nova convicted for being a pedophile.
  • Think tank AEI is now on Instagram.
  • David Roth: Betsy DeVos' experience with education policy is mostly writing large checks to think tanks called The Dracula Institute (more on her funding here).
  • Pic: Afghan Embassy in DC hosts think tankers.
  • Most think tanks are PR agencies working for undisclosed clients.