Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Think Tank Scholar From AEI Causes Riot at Middlebury

Events where think tank scholars speak are usually staid affairs that are known to be more soporific than action-inducing.  But when American Enterprise Institute (AEI) scholar Charles Murray recently visited Middlebury College for a talk, chaos was unleashed.

Here is more from The New York Times:
Hundreds of students at Middlebury College in Vermont shouted down a controversial speaker on Thursday night, disrupting a program and confronting the speaker in an encounter that turned violent and left a faculty member injured.
Laurie L. Patton, the president of the college, issued an apology on Friday to all who attended the event and to the speaker, Charles Murray, 74, whose book “The Bell Curve,” published in 1994, was an explosive treatise arguing that blacks were intellectually inferior to whites because of their genetic makeup.
...An open letter to the college from more than 450 alumni objecting to Mr. Murray’s presence on campus said it was not a matter of free speech. The letter, written before Thursday’s event, said that his views were offensive and based on shoddy scholarship and that they should not be legitimized.

Here is The Federalist on how Middlebury "enabled the student riot" during the Murray visit.  Here is how The Wall Street Journal portrayed the events.

A video of the attempted lecture can be found here.  Charles Murray wrote about the Middlebury incident here.  AEI President Arthur Brooks also weighed in.

Murray is the W.H. Brady Scholar at AEI, and all of his think tank work can be found here.  And don't forget to take his quiz that rates your affiliation with "mainstream American culture."