Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Charles Koch Institute VP on the Dangers of Think Tank Groupthink

William Ruger, Vice President of Research and Policy at the Charles Koch Institute, has a new piece entitled "Groupthink, Not the Deep State, Is the Real Culprit."  Following is an excerpt:

And yet “deep state” language has been adopted by legitimate commentators in America, trying to analyze our politics today. While usages vary, the basic idea behind these deep-state arguments is that well-placed elements inside the permanent national-security bureaucracy, and those tightly connected to them in industry and think tanks, have been able to dominate—or even control—U.S. foreign policy. They allegedly do so through various mechanisms, including inside and outside pressure; control of vast resources and capabilities; leveraging information asymmetries to their advantage; engaging in threat inflation and selective leaking; and replicating, reinforcing and policing the ideas and culture within key institutions to produce a “groupthink” mentality.

Last year, the Charles Koch Institute teamed up with the Brookings Institution to launch a new foreign policy debate series with Politico.

The Institute also funds various think tanks, including the Fraser Institute, and partners with think tanks such as the Cato Institute.