Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#300)

  • Higher standards?  UT Austin rejects Chinese money that many think tanks are taking.
  • What is a post-doctoral fellowship with Brookings like?
  • Naomi Creason in The Sentinel: Think Tanks - Transparency Can Help Build Trust; experts debate influence of think tanks..
  • Sputnik: Think tanks, not Russian media, are the enemy within.
  • Harmeet Dhillon, lawyer for engineer suing Google over controversial memo, used to work at the Heritage Foundation.
  • New think tank at Duke focused on "sexism, homophobia, gender bias, and violence."
  • Top 10 most popular Brookings content pieces in 2017.
  • Profiles of Brooking's leaders since 1927.
  • Brookings Press names Bill Finan as new director.
  • Brooking's gets new rooftop solar energy system.
  • Camille Busette becomes new director of of the Race, Place, and Economic Mobility Initiative at Brookings.