Thursday, March 8, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#304)

  • Musician has "exclusive" think tank.
  • Heritage scholar goes after "non-partisan" think tanker at Third Way.
  • Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Sen. Ben Sasse do AEI.
  • View from RAND Corp. HQ in Santa Monica, California.
  • Johns Hopkins holds career night with think tanks.
  • The greatest AEI event ever?
  • Sterling Municipal Library has a think tank.
  • Suresh Prabhu has meetings with think tankers at Davos.
  • Rosa Balfour: Reinventing the role of think tanks.
  • What distinguishes think tank work from academic work?
  • Irony: Wilson Center holds panel on why think tanks matter in era of digital disruption but fails to use a hashtag to unify online discussion of the event.