Monday, March 23, 2020

Think Tank Quickies (#374)

  • What happens to think tanks in a recession (or depression)?
  • Hunter Biden was on the board of the Truman Center for National Policy. 
  • Pic: Cato and AEI vandalized with slogans reading "capitalism is the virus." 
  • Atlantic Council launches GeoTech Center and Commission.
  • TRT World: RAND's "controversial" report says more about the think tank than Turkey.
  • Center for Security Policy: Russia planning to invade Ireland.
  • CNN fact checks Bernie Sander's speech and highlights a think tank error.
  • This is how to get hired by an elite think tank created by Google.
  • RAND Corp. has posted a collection of tools to target online disinformation.
  • Javad Zarif goes to Munich and meets with think tankers.