Friday, February 19, 2021

Biden Nominee Proposed Agency Overseeing Think Tanks

 Here is more from Washington Examiner:

President Biden's nominee to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Rohit Chopra, has raised concerns among Republicans for a 2018 report in which he argued for the creation of a regulatory "superagency" that critics say could target conservative advocacy groups.

The proposed Public Integrity Protection Agency (PIPA), like the CFPB, would not receive its funding from congressional appropriation and would have the power "to bring civil and criminal enforcement actions in federal court, along with issuing civil money penalties," in addition to having the authority "to inspect and investigate individuals and companies seeking to influence federal officials."

"The new PIPA wouldn’t just be responsible for policing the bureaucracy. It would also have jurisdiction over think tanks, advocacy groups and other organizations that seek to influence the political process," the report reads. "The PIPA could propose and enforce new rules on funding disclosure, making clear to lawmakers, regulators and the public when organizations are speaking on behalf of particular donors."


There is currently no federal or state agency that oversees think tanks in the United States, although they must follow certain tax and reporting requirements under the law.