Monday, February 22, 2021

Think Tank Quickies (#400)

  • Former Secretary of State George Schultz, who died at 100, remained active into his 90s through a position at Stanford University's Hoover Institution think tank and various boards. 
  • New Authoritarian Influence Tracker, a project of the Alliance for Securing Democracy at GMF, catalogues the Russian and Chinese governments' activities to undermine democracy in more than 40 transatlantic countries since 2000.
  • "Sharp power," a term coined in a Dec. 2017 report by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is being used by the Biden Administration.
  • Is there too much geographical favoritism in think tank papers?
  • Klon Kitchen, previously director of the Heritage Foundation's Center for Technology Policy, has joined AEI as a resident fellow.
  • "Foreign policy as domestic policy" went from a "buzzy think tank concept to the heart of Biden's remarks in record time."
  • CNAS adjunct Jordan Schneider interviews CNAS CEO Richard Fontaine.
  • Spotted at a Wilson Center event where former Rep. Jane Harman announced her retirement as president: Justice Stephen Breyer, Ash Carter, Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Roger Wicker, Reps. Karen Bass and Debbie Dingell, and Jeh Johnson.
  • The death of CAP President Neera Tanden's Twitter feed?  Is Tanden's nomination doomed?
  • 2018 flashback: The 10 names that matter on China policy.
  • Predators and Principles: Think Tank Influence, Media Visibility, and Political Partnership (dissertation by Timothy Beryl Bland of VCU.