Monday, February 8, 2021

Biden Team's Most Beloved Think Tanks

A new analysis shows which think tanks 150 of Joe Biden's top transition officials pay attention to and follow.  Here is a look at the top think tanks and the percent of those 150 officials who follow them:

  1. New America (Anne-Marie Slaughter): 19.4%
  2. Center for American Progress (CAP): 19.4%
  3. Brookings Institution: 18.1%
  4. Urban Institute: 15.3%
  5. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): 13.9%

For the #1 slot, the officials are actually following New America CEO Anne-Marie Slaughter rather than the think tank itself.

It should be noted that many other think tanks will have influence in the Biden Administration, and think tanks that didn't make the top 5, such as Center for a New American Security (CNAS), are arguably more influential than any of the above-mentioned ones.

Here is a list of think tankers that have gone into the Biden Administration.