Friday, February 5, 2021

New Tool: Think Tank Name, Logo & Mission Statement Generator

Are you a former Trump Administration official in need of ideas for the name of your new think tank?  An already-established think tank not happy with your name or logo?  Or perhaps a newly-minted lottery winner looking to start a new think tank?  Well you're in luck.

The folks at UK-based Cast From Clay have created a new site called "Name My Think Tank," a tool where one can have a think tank name, logo, and mission statement automatically generated.  

Here is a post from them entitled "Think tanks: What's in a name?"  They analyzed the 225 US think tanks and 153 UK think tanks currently listed on Wikipedia in order to see what types of names are most common, dividing them into groups such as "descriptive," "conceptual," "eponymous," "location-based," and "hybrid."

In a test of the tool, the generator spit out Think Tank Watch's new think tank name in mere seconds: Council for Macroeconomic Improvement, "an independently funded, bipartisan think tank working across the political spectrum...dedicated to advancing research that leads to better policy decisions."

It is not Think Tank Watch's dream think tank (that would probably be the Center for the Study of the Proliferation of Useless Think Tanks), but it shall do for now.

Another person who has tried the new tool said it could only be improved by including a random generator of donors from a Fortune list of the world's richest billionaires.

Of course, for a seat on the board and a steady supply of cookies, Think Tank Watch will also help you choose a name for your think tank.