Thursday, June 23, 2022

Russia Increasing Pace of Cyberattacks on Think Tanks

Microsoft Corp. has issued a new report saying that Russian intelligence agencies have increased the pace of cyberattacks against countries that have provided aid to Ukraine, and targets include think tanks.

Here is more from Microsoft:

Russian targeting has prioritized governments, especially among NATO members. But the list of targets has also included think tanks, humanitarian organizations, IT companies, and energy and other critical infrastructure suppliers. Since the start of the war, the Russian targeting we’ve identified has been successful 29 percent of the time. A quarter of these successful intrusions has led to confirmed exfiltration of an organization’s data, although as explained in the report, this likely understates the degree of Russian success. 


Microsoft notes that Russia, which has been targeting think tanks around the world for years, has mainly been targeting think tanks that advise on foreign policy.

Here is a new piece entitled "Why Think Tanks Are Such Juicy Targets for Cyberspies."