Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#446)

  • Why Brookings has such a problematic voice on China.
  • What is the Institute for the Study of War and why does the media trust it?
  • Jake Sullivan caught on hot mic at CNAS admitting taxpayers are paying to "upkeep" seized Russian yachts.  Did Sullivan also get COVID at the event?
  • Sarah Lee of Capital Research Center: Think tanks are taking millions in foreign donations, and Biden has "no interest in imposing transparency."
  • GMF's Jonathan Katz organizes letter from experts urging EU candidate status for Ukraine.
  • Facebook-funded American Edge backed conservative think tanks to create the appearance of grassroots opposition to antitrust regulation. 
  • Video clip: Go inside Meet the Press's exclusive war game with CNAS.
  • Ilya Shapiro lands at Manhattan Institute in quite the circuitous route.
  • Pic: Did Macron promise Zelesnky a think tank?